WELCOME — We Know You’re not Here by Accident!

We need to talk about How to Survive Without the Mark of the Beast! Who could have ever imagined we would be living in such a time as this? We’re blessed — we’re anxious — and yet so excited!
Let’s explore practical ways to survive without the mark…

We’re so glad you’re here! Whether you have been thinking about preparing for a long time or if you are just starting, help is here. Since we’re all in the same boat, why not work together and help each other? We want to hear your comments about things you’ve learned or figured out. We want to hear your questions. We want to know about low-to-no-tech ways of doing things. All of us need to learn how to survive without the mark of the beast.We are living in extraordinary times that seem so chaotic, but I encourage you to take a deep breath and methodically begin to make preparations for what’s coming. Don’t panic, because it’s simply a matter of getting back to basics and using common sense. People lived a long time without modern conveniences – and we can, too!

Remember, God has always been in control, and He surely is in control now! Be Blessed!

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